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Standards für Bleihütten - Spendenprojekt 2014


Francis Norman übernimmt Schirmherrschaft über das Projekt des Oeko Instituts: Standarts für Bleihütten:

"Als Kulturschaffender in Deutschland mit einer besonderen Verbundenheit zu meiner zweiten Heimat in Westafrika liegt mir das Thema dieses Projektes sehr am Herzen - deshalb unterstütze ich es mit meiner Schirmherrschaft. Die Umweltbewegung in Afrika braucht aber auch Ihre Unterstützung – durch Ihre Spende.“


Hier den Flyer runterladen!



As a young musician his national and international success is growing steadily. The 23 year old, Francis Norman, has already performed with top bands such as Take That, Rihanna and Craig David; with his violin/viola. Recently he was the surprise guest at the (legendary) Christmas-New Year concert of the band “Booster”. Even though Norman’s success is growing in Europe, his wish to help those less fortunate than himself also grows. “Especially during my last trip to Ghana in 2011 I realised how poorly equipped the schools are”, says Norman. “The tables are damaged, the tattered school books are handed down and computers are out of the question”, he explains.


When packing his suitcase, Norman first of all packs items for the children, before packing his own belongings. “Sweets are a real treat” he says. He also tries to sweeten their school day with all kinds of musical instruments, from a flute to a violin. He regularly visits schools to play music with the children, to teach the children to play an instument and explains what life in Germany is like.


He particularly criticises the western “throw-away” mentality. “We just throw away everything we don’t need anymore, without thinking that people in other countries wound be happy to have such posessions”.


In March 2012, Francis Norman will visit Ghana again. His brother, Emmanuel (18) and another good friend will join him on the visit. As ambitious as Francis is with his violin//viola playing and performing, Emmanuel follows his greatest passion - kite landboarding. Also successful, Emmanuel was German champion in 2009//2010in this adrenalin trend sport.


The Ghana trip is supported by the local Ghana charity organisation, “Medicine on the Move”. Their mission is to transport medication, blood transfusions and medical personell to remote villages. As a lonterm glider pilot, Norman met Jonathan Porter, on a small airfield during his trip to Ghana in 2010. Porter is not only the founder of the organisation “Medicine on the Move”, but also a lecturer at the AvTech Academy in Ghana. Norman andPorter immediately had a new idea for Norman to also visit universities - not only schools - and talk to the students about music and German culture.


Personal note:

Norman says, “I would be very grateful if as many people as possible would support the children and the schools in Ghana]”. Norman stresses the importance of any form of relief supplies - school bags for example are especially needed. Norman also explains that he can only take as much as his luggage allowance allows. Cash donations would be therefore also greatly appreciated.


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